Hygiene – technical examination of operating rooms

incl. corresponding clean zones, intervention rooms, intensive care areas (isolation rooms) etc.
DIN 1946 Part 4 (in older systems in accordance with 1999 and in new ones according to 2008)

Air technical measurements (technical – physical examination) determining:

  • room air temperature and room humidity
  • air velocity / (air) volume flow for calculating the air exchange rate
  • differential pressures at the terminal particulate air filters in order to determine the degree of contamination for subsequent measurements
  • pressure level verification (proof of flow direction by means of a smoke test)
  • sound level measurement
  • flow visualization

Particulate and microbiological examination

  • filter integrity test according to DIN EN ISO 14644 Part 3 or filter scan test according to 1946-4 (in older systems, in case a filter integrity test is not possible structurally)
  • recovery test according to DIN EN ISO 14644-3
  • in older systems (until 2008), the terminal particulate air filters are subject to a microbiological examination in the form of an airborne germs’ sample

The test report contains a detailed listing of all measured values and their evaluation in accordance with mandatory legal requirements and regulations.